GYLT Prepares High School Students for Future Careers

Jun 03

GYLT (Get Your Lift Together) was a 12-week program that empowers local high school students through interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and social events. From June 3rd to August 19th, high school students were able to learn from career professionals ranging from city government and IT professionals to real estate brokers and lawyers. Below are some words of wisdom from our presenters.

Anything you can do to make your resume visually appealing is valuable, don't be afraid to let others know your passions and interests. —Khristy Nguyen

It's weird, there are all this other positive stuff happening in front of you but you're just focused on that one negative thing trying to be more present in what you're doing and how to use your feelings is how to use psychology in your everyday life. —Zachary Sapolsky

I look through the contract to make sure there isn't any hidden things. If there's a broken toilet we have to put it in the contract and negotiate it.—Gordon. We evaluate the house and see if it's renovated or falling apart and look at recently sold houses around the neighborhood and look at the prices.—Carol. Your house has been around. Not only the house but the lot, the piece of land has been built on multiple times. —Lester

My goal is for you guys to get a sense of judgment on budgeting. Time is also an expense; everything you do, even time alone, is an expense so try to use your time wisely. —Andrew